Archive: October 2012

One time on The Simpsons, Bart says, “Je ne parle pas Français,” which means, “I do not speak French.” That is an example of a paradox. If he can’t speak French, how can he say it in French? Here’s a definition of the word “paradox“: a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated […]

I just finished a series of sermons with the theme of “light in the darkness.” The basic idea is that we can find light when there is darkness all around us, and we can also be  light for those who may feel they are stumbling in spiritual darkness.  The audio of those messages can be found […]

For Abimibola Shabi (February 19, 1967 — October 1, 2012) A dear friend who was part of the first church I planted (New Community Church in Brooklyn, NY) passed away recently. She was a very sweet person and I was honored to offer the eulogy at her Homegoing Service. I thought I would honor her […]