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Lots of people enjoy pastries, and they can be even more tempting when they are fruit-filled. The fruit at the core is a flavor enhancer, making the pastry all the more attractive. You see where I’m going with this metaphor! My plea is for Christian communities to strive to keep their “fruit-filling.” The teaching in […]

My wife Susan and I went to see 42 a few days ago. I confess that I am neither a baseball aficionado nor expert on the life of Jackie Robinson, but having been an avid baseball fan as a kid, I very much enjoyed watching the story. And as an African American, I was moved while being […]

My friend Scot McKnight’s recent blog post on plagiarized sermons got me to thinking. We pastors operate under a fair amount of pressure and stress. I won’t elaborate on that now, but it is a topic worth examining (especially since there are statistics on how many of us burn out and/or feel that our lives […]

Over on my church’s blog site I reflected a bit on the desire of some to get rid of Black History month, suggesting that it has outlived its usefulness. Maybe you can check it out.

I came across this blog post recently, “Are Atheists the New Campus Crusaders?”  The piece describes the rise of Secular Student Alliances (SSAs) on college campuses. The opening illustration points out activities at the University of Illinois. The mention of the U of I piqued my interest because I will be speaking at the University of […]

There’s been recent talk about the growth of the “nones,” that is, those who when asked to identify their religion, check “none.” There’s no question that cynicism against organized religion (and sometimes I think specifically Protestant Christianity) has increased. I was wondering if we Christians brought it on ourselves, and a day after thinking that […]

It has been a tough time in our nation over this last year, not to mention all the challenges our world is facing, ranging from ecological concerns to economic disasters, to war and the threat of war. There is much to concern us But it is also right to take time to be grateful for […]

I just got my first taste of winter here in Minneapolis with 16” of snow yesterday and temperatures in the teens today! And of course there is no snow day; we are expected to get to where we need to be! So with such cold temperatures today, I faced the Minnesota Ice. But I didn’t […]

While in Chicago for the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, I had an occasion to greet Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer, one of my seminary instructors from back in the day (the 80s!). He was pleasant with me, as he’s always been toward me, and honored the role of pastors by referring to us as […]

One time on The Simpsons, Bart says, “Je ne parle pas Français,” which means, “I do not speak French.” That is an example of a paradox. If he can’t speak French, how can he say it in French? Here’s a definition of the word “paradox“: a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated […]