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I was asked to write a piece for Transform Minnesota, our state’s network of evangelical ministries. The following is my offering. They’ve published my piece here.  

Let God Set the Agenda “You probably came with an agenda. Why don’t you write God a letter listing what’s on your mind, place it on the altar in the room, and let God set the agenda.” That’s what the woman said who graciously greeted me when I arrived at Pacem in Terris recently. And […]

The Missio Alliance folks posted my reflections on their blog site:

In addition to my pastoral duties, I have been teaching one class at Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN. My class, Exegetical Explorations, has been exploring different genre in the New Testament. Most recently, we have been working through the Book of Revelation (using Reading Revelation Responsibly , written by my friend and former colleague, […]

You might be interested in hearing an interview I did for the Theological Graffiti podcast. It was a joy to talk with a young thinker and church planter, T. C. Moore. I was in his position some 25 years ago! Listen when you’re able. Perhaps you’ll be blessed by some of the other podcasts and writings […]

I didn’t know if it was appropriate to mention the genocide, or to comment about “Hutu” or “Tutsi” designations while I was in Rwanda. From what I read before I left, as well as my own sensitivities, I decided it was more my place to listen and learn than to talk about something of which […]

I recently spent several days in Rwanda as part of a teaching team for the Shepherd’s Leadership Conference, a weeklong conference for Rwandese pastors and other church leaders. There is much to share, especially having been there so close to the 20th anniversary of the genocide (April 6th). I hope to post several reflections on […]

It seems that this is the time for profundity. Coming to the end of the year encourages reflection on life—our own lives as well as the lives of others. This is the time of year that we get lists (the top… or the best… or the worst…). This is also the time of year that […]

So it’s been about 17 months since my wife Susan and I relocated to Minneapolis, MN.  We are still getting adjusted to all the changes: new church, new denomination, new city, new relationships, etc (and I won’t speak of winter!). I know we haven’t moved to a foreign country, but I don’t think we anticipated […]

Did I do enough? I’ll always wonder that. Did I do enough with my four children to help shape them into the adults that they should be? I did the “normal” stuff: diapers, baby food, soccer practices, basketball games, volleyball games, track meets, football games, dentist appointments, school performances, heart-to-heart talks, book-reading, punishments, movies, bedtime […]